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About EZ Robotic Trading

Financial Freedom has become the new American Dream, it is what we all thrive for in this economy, and now that dream can become a reality. EZ Robotic Trading, LLC was founded by a group of investors who had a vision of being able to simplify the trading world. The company was formed by gathering intelligent investors, experienced traders, and innovative software developers together to create a fully automated trading platform, called EZTRON.

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about eztron

EZTRON is a user-friendly online trading technology. It is designed to satisfy the most rigorous standards of experienced traders, as well as those who are new to trading. This trading tool is the result of years of trading experience, meticulous analysis of the market, and various trading technologies. Additionally, there is a great touch of “creative flare” from our talented development team.

The platform consists of a custom full-market scanner, strategy creator, execution creator, historical back test, and a fully automated trading environment, compatible with both real and virtual trading.


It provides hundreds of successful strategies and exclusive filter options. With EZTRON, you will feel 

Platform Highlights


Market Data

  • Cloud operated

  • Live & Virtual trading

  • Strategy simulation

  • Thousands of operations per second

  • Millisecond latency

  • Enterprise grade security and redundancy

  • Mobile & tablet apps

  • Access to real-time full market data

  • Historical data

  • Historical back test

  • Strategy success test

  • News

  • Company fundamentals

  • Compatible with many brokerage firms

  • Fully automated

  • Cutting edge scanner

  • Complete customization

  • Strategy & Execution Creators

  • Historic P/L data

  • Hundreds of signals and filters

  • Drawing tools & popular indicators

  • Portfolio manager

  • Easy access from anywhere

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